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Over the past 13 years, the GHVF has provided a unique forum for 176 venture capital firms to present their companies to local investors and business service providers. Several of these companies have gone on to become leaders in Canadian business with more to follow in the years ahead. The GHVF has also been privileged to have over 50 different business leaders provide keynote addresses to our forum and provide a wonderful environment for professionals to network in the Burlington area.

One constant over the past 13 years has been Dr. Laurence Hewick. As Dr. Hewick has informed us over the years, through his insightful venture capital updates, the market has changed materially from 2000 to today. In today’s market the only constant is change.

At our last board meeting Dr. Hewick informed the board that he will be retiring as the President of the GHVF at the end of June. As many of you know Laurence has served as our president for the past 7 years and has been on the board since inception in 2000. It is impossible to overstate the importance of Laurence and his contribution to the GHVF. The reality is that without Laurence and the work he puts into the GHVF the existing board felt that we should wind down this iteration of the GHVF. We wanted to finish the course strongly and celebrate the amazing successes of the organization. We now leave it up to a new group of leaders to consider accepting the baton and taking this forum to a new level!

I would personally like to thank Laurence for all the work he has put into the GHVF. I am excited that although he is retiring from this position at the GHVF he will continue to spend valuable time in Europe formally teaching entrepreneurship. He will also be able to spend more time to enjoy his lovely farm in North Burlington. Here is an interesting statistic for you! As of Dec 31, Laurence has logged 457,063 miles in the air over the past 10 years! He has also lectured at 7 universities in Central East Europe. Hard to keep a good man down! Note, none of those air miles where connected to any vacation travel!

We would like to celebrate our successes over the past 13 years by inviting each of you to a special event on June 18th @ Pepperwoods (1455 Lakeshore Road, Burlington) from 4-6pm. There will be formal but brief presentations at 5 pm. This will also be a wonderful time to share some special memories. Kindly register before June 14 by 5pm so we can prepare for the snacks and drinks. There is no cost for the event. The board, along with our sponsors, want to thank each of you and especially Dr. Laurence Hewick for your support and hard work over the past 13 years.

Jonathan Wellum, Chairman of the GHVF Board.

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